HxFilterForm #

Edit form derived from HxModelEditForm with support for chip generators.

Used in HxListLayout #

See HxListLayout demo with its filter and chips to see the real usage of the HxFilterForm.

Standalone demo #



Values in filter

  • Text1: initial value
  • Text2:
  • Number1: 5

Values in model

  • Text1: initial value
  • Text2:
  • Text3: 5




Parameters #

Name Type Description
ChildContent RenderFragment<TModel> Content of the component.
Id string
Model TModel
ModelChanged EventCallback<TModel>

Event callbacks #

Name Type Description
OnChipsUpdated EventCallback<ChipItem<>>

Methods #

Method Returns Description
RemoveChipAsync(ChipItem chipToRemove) Task Tries to remove a chip. Execution is postponed to OnAfterRender, so this method cannot have a return value.
UpdateModelAsync() Task
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