HxModal #

Component for rendering a modal dialog as a Bootstrap Modal. Visit Bootstrap Modal for more information.

Basic usage #

<HxButton OnClick="HandleShowClick" Color="ThemeColor.Primary">Show modal</HxButton>

<HxModal @ref="myModal" Title="Modal title">
		Modal body
		<HxButton Text="Close" OnClick="HandleHideClick" Color="ThemeColor.Primary" />

	private HxModal myModal;

	private async Task HandleShowClick()
		await myModal.ShowAsync();

	private async Task HandleHideClick()
		await myModal.HideAsync();


Static backdrop #

When the backdrop is set to ModalBackdrop.Static, the modal will not close when clicking outside of it.

Scrolling long content #

When modals become too long for the user's viewport or device, they scroll independently of the page itself. Try the demo below to see what we mean.

You can also create a scrollable modal that allows scrolling the modal body by setting the Scrollable parameter.

Vertically centered #

Set the Centered parameter to vertically center the modal.

Optional sizes #

Fullscreen modal #


Parameters #

Name Type Description
Animated bool? Determines whether modals appear without fading in. Setting to false removes the .fade class from the modal markup. Default value is true.
Backdrop ModalBackdrop? Indicates whether to apply a backdrop on body while the modal is open. If set to ModalBackdrop.Static, the modal cannot be closed by clicking on the backdrop. Default value (from Defaults) is ModalBackdrop.True.
BodyCssClass string Additional body CSS class (div.modal-body).
BodyTemplate RenderFragment Body template.
Centered bool? Allows vertical centering of the modal.
Default is false (horizontal only).
CloseButtonIcon IconBase Close icon to be used in header. If set to null, Bootstrap default close-button will be used.
CloseOnEscape bool? Indicates whether the modal closes when escape key is pressed. Default value is true.
ContentCssClass string Additional content CSS class (div.modal-content).
CssClass string Additional CSS class for the main element (div.modal).
DialogCssClass string Additional CSS class for the dialog (div.modal-dialog element).
FooterCssClass string Additional footer CSS class (div.modal-footer).
FooterTemplate RenderFragment Footer template.
Fullscreen ModalFullscreen? Fullscreen behavior of the modal. Default is ModalFullscreen.Disabled.
HeaderCssClass string Additional header CSS class (div.modal-header).
HeaderTemplate RenderFragment Header template.
Scrollable bool? Allows scrolling the modal body. Default is false.
Settings ModalSettings A set of settings applied to this component instance. Overrides Defaults and is itself overridden by individual parameters.
ShowCloseButton bool? Indicates whether the modal shows close button in header. Default value is true.
Size ModalSize? Size of the modal. Default is ModalSize.Regular.
Title string Title in modal header.

Event callbacks #

Name Type Description
OnClosed EventCallback Fired when the modal has finished hiding from the user, after CSS transitions complete. Triggered by HxModal.HideAsync, the close button, the Esc key, or other interactions.
OnHiding EventCallback<ModalHidingEventArgs> Fired immediately when the 'hide' instance method is called. This can be triggered by HxModal.HideAsync, the close button, the Esc key, or other interactions. To cancel hiding, set ModalHidingEventArgs.Cancel to true.
OnShown EventCallback Fired when a modal element becomes visible to the user, after CSS transitions complete.

Methods #

Method Returns Description
HideAsync() Task Closes the modal.
ShowAsync() Task Opens the modal.

Static properties #

Property Type Description
Defaults ModalSettings Application-wide default settings for the HxModal.
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