Dark color mode (theme)

Basic usage #

Bootstrap 5.3 introduced the dark color scheme and we added support for it in all our components.
Use the data-bs-theme="dark" attribute on the <html> element to enable it.
See the Bootstrap Dark mode documentation for more details.

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en" data-bs-theme="dark">
	<!-- ... -->

Color mode switcher #

JavaScript #

The color mode switcher has to be implemented with the help of JavaScript.
You can use the script written by Bootstrap to do the job.

Blazor #

If you want to integrate the color mode switcher into your Blazor application and support server-side prerendering, you can take a look at the implementation of DocColorModeSwitcher used for this documentation.

  • We use a cookie to store the user's choice and have the choice available server-side for server prerendering on the next visit.
  • We use PersistentComponentState to pass the prerendered color mode to the Blazor WebAssembly client.
  • We use two different implementations of IDocColorModeResolver to resolve the color mode on the server and client.
  • We did not implement the color mode switching when the system preference changes and the app is already running. The auto mode only resolves when the application starts.
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