InputDateRangeSettings #

Settings for HxInputDateRange.


Other properties #

Name Type Description
CalendarDateCustomizationProvider CalendarDateCustomizationProviderDelegate Allows customization of the dates in the dropdown calendars.
CalendarIcon IconBase Optional icon to display within the input.
InputSize InputSize? Input size.
MaxDate DateTime? The last date selectable from the dropdown calendar.
MinDate DateTime? The first date selectable from the dropdown calendar.
PredefinedDateRanges IEnumerable<InputDateRangePredefinedRangesItem> The predefined date ranges to be displayed.
ShowClearButton bool?
ShowPredefinedDateRanges bool? When enabled, shows predefined day ranges (from HxInputDateRange.PredefinedDateRanges, e.g., Today).
TimeProvider TimeProvider The TimeProvider used to get DateTime.Today.
ValidationMessageMode ValidationMessageMode? Specifies how the validation message should be displayed.
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